Hello and Welcome to the Vagnoni Lab.
We are interested in the cell biology of the neuron.
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Francesca successfully defended her PhD thesis!

Alessio gives a talk at the Axonal Degeneration and Regeneration Workshop (OIST Japan)

Francesca is giving a talk at the new season of the London Fly Meeting

We are delighted Evie is starting a PhD with us!

We welcome Lucia who is visiting the lab from Padova to do live imaging in flies

Well done Kristal to win the BCN PhD poster prize!

Two new preprints from the lab! (link1) and (link2)

Alessio gives a talk at the Oxford University Chemistry and Biochemistry Society

Francesca is giving a talk at the Dynamic Cell IV conference! (link)

New preprint on mitochondrial-ER contacts in Drosophila neurons (link)

Alessio is (armchair) travelling to Upstate New York to give a seminar at UB

Congrats to István who secured a BSCB Summer Studentship (link) to work with us!

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